Premium Omega-3 Oil with fruity lemon flavour

Premium Omega-3 Oil with fruity lemon flavour

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Considering the fact that your body cannot produce Omega-3s by itself, it is even more astonishing how beneficial they can be for your health. 

We usually take good health for granted as long as we feel fine, but we immediately get worried as soon as our body starts to show only the slightest sign of worsening physical condition. 

Contrary to public opinion, most people do not take the necessary steps to actually do something to prevent those worsening conditions in advance, although the solution might be convenient as well as affordable. In the following you will see how easy and convenient it can be. 

Although Omega-3s are definitely not the most thrilling product emerging on the supplement market, they are a proven supplement that has been prescribed by physicians for decades. This is exactly why we are specialised in Omega-3s and Omega-3s only - because they work.

What we offer has absolutely nothing in common with the dreaded cod liver oil you might vaguely remember from early childhood.

Let us introduce you to the most advanced way of consuming Omega-3s:

Our liquid pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 oil with truly amazing lemon flavour.

How you will benefit from supplementing Omega-3s:

  • Maintenance of normal heart and brain function
  • Maintenance of normal vision
  • Maintenance of normal blood pressure and blood lipids
  • Beneficial to mother and child during pregnancy and lactation

*These claims are backed by incontrovertible scientific findings and have been validated by the European Food Safety Authority (EC No 1924/2006) accordingly.

Did you know that Omega-3s offer that many benefits for your health?

We want to make absolutely sure that you experience all these benefits as conveniently as possible:

  • Easy to consume: 
    • Your daily serving of only 15ml is easily delivered by using the measuring spoon provided  
  • High Dosage: 
    • Taking the right amount of EPA and DHA (3-5g combined) is crucial to fully benefit from supplementing Omega-3s. Taking too little will only relieve your conscience. We deliver unmatched 4755mg of premium quality triglyceride Omega-3s per serving.
  • Full month supply 
    • 33 servings per bottle and no less. Say goodbye to ordering several times a month: Your omega3zone® bottle will last longer than a month. 
  • Great Taste 
    • Expect an amazingly fruity lemon flavour making your daily spoon of Omega-3 oil an unexpected tasty experience.

We ethically reject any form of fish farming or the use of feeding systems. You will therefore receive a natural fish oil that originates exclusively from wild-caught high sea fish. This is the real thing.

Since it is a natural oil, the antioxidant Vitamin E was added to keep your oil fresh and allow for a storability of up to 3 months after opening your bottle. It is best to keep it refrigerated to extend freshness.