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Premium Quality Liquid Omega-3s

Experience a wide variety of health benefits with a simple serving of only 15ml daily. 

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{...} Been using the product for a month and been stunned by the high level of EPA and DHA ever since.  

Anthony Henry

{...} My bloodwork showed significantly better numbers after 3 months of taking this oil. 

Liam K.

 The lemon flavor is awesome. Tried mixing it into my morning smoothie and was amazed by the great taste. {...} 

T. R.

Health first. No compromises.

Omega-3s could be the game changer you have been looking for.

Keep your Heart Strong and Healthy

Your heart is the most important muscle inside your body. According to recent studies the risk of heart attacks increases considerably the older you get. According to EFSA, taking sufficient amounts of Omega-3s regularly will help your heart maintain a strong function. We make sure you are more than adequately supplied - You keep up the beat!

Focus on Healthy Eyes and Clear Vision

Imagine a life without the ability to see. Although we need our eyes every day most people do not consider taking care of their vision – until things get blurry. Taking DHA, which is one of the two major Omega-3 fatty acids, will help you maintain and value this precious gift. Never lose sight of what is really important to you.

Let your Blood Pressure be a Pleasure

Stress, physical activities and selected kinds of food can lead to increased blood pressure and other severe conditions. Since therapy is often tedious and requires medication, taking sufficient amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids preventively might be the better deal. Make sure to take 3g of EPA & DHA daily - otherwise you will only depressurise your conscience.

there is even more to benefit from

Normal Blood Triglyceride Levels

By now you have probably heard about cholesterol and the foods you may want to avoid. But have you heard about triglycerides yet? Regarding blood work they are actually far more concerning than cholesterol. It is great that EPA and DHA also contribute to normal triglyceride levels - but only if your intake is consistently high enough. No less than 2000mg of EPA and DHA combined are required to make you look forward to your next blood test.

Laying the Foundation during Pregnancy

Probably the most important phase for parents to be in. Not only will you greatly benefit from taking Omega-3s yourself in such a demanding period, but you will also do something good for your child. EPA and DHA can be of invaluable importance for a promising future of your unborn child, since they promote normal development of cognitive function. Who in their right mind would leave that to chance?

Keeping Regular Brain-Function

Why in the world is this girl studying in front of a barn? Although we certainly do not have the answer to this particular question, we know for sure that your brain needs DHA in order to process thoughts like that. Did you know that 30% of your brain's structures are made of the fatty acid DHA? Taking sufficient amounts of DHA will therefore greatly contribute to maintaining regular brain function. That is exactly why taking omega3zone truly is a real no-brainer!

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{...} The oil came well packed and what surprised me with actually no use of plastic. Thats definitely a big plus for me.

Kiran James

Fish oil that doesn't taste like fish. Sounds too good to be true but it actually is. Really liked the lemon flavor. {...}

Alex van Berg

4.200mg of EPA and DHA with a single serving - I've never seen such a high dosage with regular fish oil. 

David Horn

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